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Retired "Hose Dragger" (Firefighter) and "IT Guy", enjoying new friends and hobbies.

My current ride is a '14 black Goldwing named Taz. It's not the fastest ride I've ever been on, but it's certainly the most comfortable one I've had. As I get older, that counts for a lot!

I live with a notably anti-social cat (although he does put up with me, most of the time.) I'm constantly working on refining old woodworking skills and acquiring new ways of making splinters (and, occasionally, toothpicks) out of perfectly good pieces of lumber. I'm also always looking for new and creative way of using the Raspberry PI SBC, as well as learning the Python language often used with the Raspberry Pi. And, no, I have not yet figured out a way to make a Raspberry Pi out of wood.....

David Colee
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